Name That Tune


As a hobby, I have been known to write lyrics.  So far a few have been produced but by no means am I a recognized talent by those in the industry.  Still waiting for that break through. But if you would like a song, hit me up and let’s see what I can come up with for you.  In the meantime. you can listen to a a few or read the lyrics (upon request).

You Surround The Mystery – a song dedicated to my autistic son Elijah.  The song is also for parents, teachers, caretakers, any and everyone affected by or who loves or knows someone on the Autism Spectrum.  Also found Autism


No Wedding No Womb – a song written for the No Wedding No Womb initiative started by Christelyn Karazin. She started a movement to address the 70% plus, out of wedlock birthrate in the black American communities.


Shakina’s Song (Gone Away) – a song written for the short film about mental illness called Queen Victoria’s Wedding produced and directed by BJ Rouse. (demo only unreleased)


Some Body Done Took My Prince Away   ”

My Dreams Are Real     ”   Music

Fading Pretty Fast  




Under My Skin  –  a song I wrote one day just thinking I was so fed up with teachers preying on their students and starting affairs, molesting or raping them.

She Is A Legend –  written for a Japanese friend Mako Sakurai, who loves Coretta Scott King and uses Coretta as a stage/pen name.  Mako is a jazz musician and has a website dedicated to some of the American greats.

Father Dear (Otousan) – for the same friend, Mako when her father died.

Strange Love Marvelous Love – my English version of Ukrainian songstress Gaitana’s Dyvne Kokhannya (Гайтана – Дивне Кохання)

Crazy About You  – my English version of Ukrainian songstress Gaitana’s Shalenyj (Гайтана Шаленiй)

Talking About Gibraltar – for my good friend Sammy Lees of Gibraltar.  She may make that a Gibraltar tourism campaign song.

DV – song to talk about Domestic Violence for my friend Sammy Lees


 Gospel lyrics

I have a handful of gospel lyrics too.  This collection is called Retro Praise.  Some are the melodies of popular songs of the 70s.




Praise Him In Song

Lord Save Me Jesus

If You can Forgive Then Why Can’t I?

Praise His Name

Thank God For My Circumstance

Give Your Life To Christ

My Song


Blasian Love (3 versions A,B and C)   Blasian Love Music

Don’t Bring Him Home

Never Giving Up

If You Could See Us Through Our Eyes – a song about ADHD Felicia Evans singing

Heaven Scent

Perfect Temptation  – my English version of Japanese duo Soulhead and Kumi Kota’s XXX

A Journey For Two


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