Lorraine SpencerLorraine Spencer is a wife, mother, author, life coach, mentor, talk show host and empowerment speaker. Lorraine is known as the Original Forensicmommy, Information Broker, and Life Coach; but mainly The Ultimate Life Coach.  She writes many genres but loves writing children’s books the best. She is the founder and owner of Lorraine Spencer, The Spencer Coaching Group Interracial Marriage and Family and Life Mate Coach.  Lorraine is a former writer for My Beautiful Life and Beyond Black and White; and contributes to several other blogs.  Titles by Lorraine Spencer include When Family Does You Wrong, The Spider In My Mommy’s Car and I Like Polka Dots On My Pizza.

Lorraine began “cheer leading” and supporting her single friends back in the late 1980s. She was always available with insightful input and measured advice. That eventually led to further study and full scale relationship and life coaching in 2005. After years of review, Lorraine noticed similar trends in many of her friends’ behaviors and thinking patterns. Both male and female friends were making the same mistakes and missteps in relationships over and over again. Being able to pinpoint and define such behavior is often difficult for the person directly involved in the relationship. Lorraine was able to elucidate the issues and devise clear and concise plans of action to help her clients get back on track to fruitful and loving relationships.  Lorraine’s client list now includes clients of all races who enlist her services via The Spencer Coaching Group.

Lorraine is the creator of several empowerment programs, including her signature Pick Up Your Pearls, a 4 week course designed to empower women who have experienced pain or who just need to reclaim their lives, dreams and goals; and to move forward living a good, happy and fulfilled life.  Many times we can’t understand why people constantly mistreat or use us.  Lorraine’s personal experience allows her to address people in various stages of their life’s journey.  Her progressive and forward thinking coaching style is focused and results-driven and with the utmost confidence.  Lorraine’s life experience allows her the wherewithal to offer empathy, compassion, understanding and sincerity while instilling the bold, in your face confidence some women need to live their best possible lives.  Lorraine focuses on her clients’ individual and collective needs, she asks the hard hitting questions to though sometimes uncomfortable in order to get to the root of the problem, identify it and together enact a plan of action to turn it around.  She expects participation and cooperation from those whom she coaches in order to obtain the maximum benefits and results from her programs.

Lorraine has addresses several audiences on a variety of subjects — all meant to instill confidence and empower people to make radical, life changing decisions.  Lorraine is a survivor of domestic violence and has participated in several programs geared to empowering victims and encouraging survivors.  Lorraine has friends all over the world to whom she has made referrals to local programs and shelters.

As the mother of an autistic son, she is an advocate for parents of newly diagnosed children on the spectrum.  Time is precious with an autistic child and the sooner one gets the proper testing, knows and obtains the proper interventions; the better the outcome for a child on the spectrum to live as well as possible.  Lorraine is also the mother of a child with Dyslexia coupled with Dysgraphia.  As a result, she has researched those conditions as well in order to provide answers that develop coping and compensation skills.

Lorraine has a passion for writing song lyrics and has written several for many genres of music.  She listens to music from around the world analyzing international acts and compares them with American entertainers past and present.  Because her passion is so strong for music as well as a few social causes, Lorraine was right at home writing songs that address autism, domestic violence (DV) and the national “No Wedding No Womb” (NWNW) initiative. Her favorite music is between the late 70s and 80s pop and International R&B.

Lorraine is a former Magistrate for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  She also has multiple degrees A.A (University of Alaska Anchorage) B.S. (Excelsior College, Albany, NY) and M.S. (National Louis University, Chicago, IL).  When not coaching, writing, doing research or blogging, Lorraine enjoys movies, traveling and spending time with her family.

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